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We can help you preventing and appropriately diagnose the whole legal structure of bylaws and agreements applicable to labor matters.

Labor Law

Having healthy and just labor relationships with employees is very important in order to keep their productivity, strengthen their human development; reduce the possibility of demands and of course feeling secure counting with this essential aspect of any company.

You count with:

– Individual employment agreements

– Payrolls or salary/wage payment acknowledgment receipt.

– Internal work rules.

– Ideal forms for resignation, liquidation and waiver agreement with its appropriate proceeding.

– Legal, migratory and/or corporate diagnosis of analysis.

In which cases you can help?

We protect what you are concerned on and ironclad your company.

What do I have to do?


Ask for a consult.

If you have documentation related to your consult gather it and let’s talk.

Steps to be followed.

We explain you what is required in order to obtain the payment of your work benefits and/or compensation.

Trial or conciliation.

We carry out what is need for your case and solve it.

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